Subscription Direct Delivery (CSA) Program
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In a Nutshell:
Your Real Food Direct, Gluten Free subscriber program resembles CSAs offered by local farms.
We deliver products direct to your home or a nearby "drop point".
You get truly fresh products at a low price.
We will work with the group to make sure there are enough orders to make a minimum for delivery.

Our ordering system is simple.. You order using our online form.
No one needs to handle money or make or accept payments at the drop points.
Once we get your order we will make fresh product for delivery on an arranged date.

Are the boxes "pre-configured"?
No. Your order will be only for what you want. There will be no "suprises" in your box.
How are the products delivered?
We deliver to specified "drop points" in your area.
When are the deliveries made?
We schedule deliveries based on an aggregate order when your group's order reaches the minimum amount. In the beginning we will be flexible about minimums.
Do I have to join a group?
If participants are part of a group, our work is easier. But we can co-ordinate with individuals in your area to make the drops work without a pre-existing group.
How do I participate?
Once you place your order we will determine your next delivery date and drop point and contact you by telephone to be sure all the details are clear.
Can I host my own drop point?
Yes. All you need to do is to contact up and tell us you want to host a drop point. We will add your location to the list.
What if I'm not able to pick up my order right away?
Part of this program is convenience. Your order will be available for pickup at your drop point, just like any CSA drop. We will send frozen products out in coolers with ice packs. Some of our drop points have hots who are willing to keep items in their freezers for a short period of time. We'll let you know how it will work at your drop point.
How do I pay for my orders?
All payments are made when items are ordered and processed through a trusted secure payment gateway.
How do I place my orders?
You simply select the items you want from our online order form.
Do I get a discount for hosting a drop point?
Yes. We realize that the drop point host should be compensated. So we offer hosts a percentage of the drop as a credit toward their own purchases.

Gluten and Casein Free Baked Goods and Pastas
Making your life better by making the food on your table better, and better for you. Using fresh, local ingredients, and traditional methods of preparation, we eliminate proteins that cause many individuals to experience inflammation and a myriad of resulting disease processes.
To Participate in our "CSA" Style Product drops in the Greater Sacramento and Bay Areas...
Visit Our CSA Page
It's just like ordering groceries. All breads will be be delivered "oven fresh" and we will be offering seasonal baked goods (like blueberry muffins) and entrees: Grass fed beef, chicken pot pies, chicken tamales, pizza, lasagna, and baked ravioli with fresh tomato marinara are a few that come to mind...
For Mail Order Shipping
Anywhere in the country...
Shipping Information
We can ship products anywhere. We ship our products Monday through Thursday. Products ordered on Thursday through Sunday will be processed as early in the following week as possible. In order to assure that you receive the freshest product, we recommend
UPS or FedEx overnight or second day.